Lichfield Cathedral Choir Advent Quiz 2016

The Archangel Gabriel in a cope with a jewelled morse in Jan van Eyck's Annunciation, 1434–36, by I, Sailko (CC BY-SA 3.0 2016 sees an exciting new #AdventQuiz which is being run in collaboration with Regent Records.

For each day of Advent (from Advent Sunday, this year on 27 November, until Christmas Eve), an audio clip of a piece of seasonal music from Regent's catalogue will be published here at midnight and accessed via the relevant link below, or via tweets and posts on our Facebook page sent out as reminders during the course of the day.

To enter, people simply have to identify the title of the music and its composer (or arranger): both have to be correct for the point to be awarded. Entries will be accepted from the moment the clip goes live to 23:59 on Christmas Eve. People can enter as many times as they like while the clip is live, but only their final answer will be counted.

There will be daily winners selected at random from the correct answers, and three overall winners with the highest number of correct answers; if there is a tie, the overall winners will be selected at random. Regent Records has kindly provided first, second and third prizes for the overall winners: a choice of three CDs or a DVD and a CD; two CDs or a DVD; and one CD from their catalogue respectively. Both daily winners and the overall winners will be named on Christmas Day. Details of the winners can be found here.

  1. Sunday 27 November Adam lay ybounden - Boris Ord: Truro Cathedral/Robert Sharpe (REGCD281 track 11)
  2. Monday 28 November Vox dicentis: clama - Edward Naylor: York Minster/Robert Sharpe (REGCD368 track 1)
  3. Tuesday 29 November Alleluia, I heard a voice - Thomas Weelkes: Southwark Cathedral/Peter Wright (REGCD376 track 1)
  4. Wednesday 30 November Never weather-beaten sail - Charles H H Parry: Lichfield Cathedral/Philip Scriven (REGCD212 track 3)
  5. Thursday 01 December Advent Calendar - Philip Ledger: Christ's College, Cambridge/David Rowland (REGCD305 track 12)
  6. Friday 02 December Nova! Nova! - Bob Chilcott: Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum/Simon Bell (REGCD440 track 2)
  7. Saturday 03 December Adam lay ybounden - Carsen Cooman: Rochester Cathedral/Samuel Rathbone/Scott Farrell (REGCD379 track 2)
  8. Sunday 04 December [This is] The truth sent from above - Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hereford Cathedral/Geraint Bowen (REGCD388 track 1)
  9. Monday 05 December Adam lay y-bounden - John Ireland: Cantemus/Huw Williams (REGCD466 track 15)
  10. Tuesday 06 December I wonder as I wander - Philip Stopford: Truro Cathedral/Christopher Gray (REGCD400 track 17)
  11. Wednesday 07 December Come, Jesu, come - John West: Birmingham Cathedral/Christopher Allsop/Marcus Huxley (REGCD137 track 4)
  12. Thursday 08 December Ave Maria - David Bednall: Jennifer Pike/Benenden Chapel Choir/Edward Whiting (REGCD481 track 15)
  13. Friday 09 December Hymn à la vierge - Pierre Villette: Bristol University Singers/David Bednall (REGCD430 track 9)
  14. Saturday 10 December I sing of a maiden - Patrick Hadley: Girls of Southwell Minster/Edward Turner/Simon Hogan (REGCD487 track 16)
  15. Sunday 11 December Lo, how a rose e'er blooming - arr David Blackwell: The Choir of Bath Abbey/Peter King (REGCD390 track 6)
  16. Monday 12 December Out of your sleep - Richard Rodney Bennett: Ely Cathedral/Paul Trepte (REGCD441 track 1)
  17. Tuesday 13 December Advent (from Incarnation) - Thomas Hewitt Jones: Chamber Orch of London/Sloane Square Singers/Oliver Lallement (REGCD429 track 1)
  18. Wednesday 14 December E'en so Lord Jesus, quickly come - Paul Manz: Hereford Cathedral/Geraint Bowen (REGCD388 track 5)
  19. Thursday 15 December I waited for the Lord - Felix Mendelssohn: Manchester Cathedral/Jeffrey Makinson/Christopher Stokes (REGCD443 track 1)
  20. Friday 16 December Rorate coeli - William Byrd: Guildford Cathedral/Katherine Dienes-Williams (REGCD413 track 1)
  21. Saturday 17 December All wisdom cometh from the Lord - Philip Moore: Exon Singers/Jonathan Vaughn/Matthew Owens (REGCD315 track 4)
  22. Sunday 18 December The angel Gabriel - Basque, arr Edgar Pettman: Winchester Cathedral/Andrew Lumsden (REGCD350 track 6)
  23. Monday 19 December Adam our father - Richard Lloyd: The Bede Singers/David Hill (REGCD455 track 14)
  24. Tuesday 20 December O clavis David (Seven Advent Antiphons) - Gabriel Jackson: Truro Cathedral/Christopher Gray (REGCD479 track 5)
  25. Wednesday 21 December Chanticleer (O Emmanuel) - Alan Bullard: Selwyn College, Cambridge/Timothy Parsons/Sarah MacDonald (REGCD456 track 14)
  26. Thursday 22 December Jesus Christ, the apple tree - Elizabeth Poston: St Patrick's, Dublin/Stuart Nicholson (REGCD418 track 2)
  27. Friday 23 December O come, o come Emmanuel - French, arr David Willcocks: Worcester Cathedral Choir/Christopher Allsop/Peter Nardone (REGCD486 track 21)
  28. Saturday 24 December The holly and the Ivy - Matthew Owens: Wells Cathedral/Jonathan Vaughn/Matthew Owens (REGCD399 track 4)

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