Lichfield Cathedral Choir Advent Quiz 2018

Matrix Codes After 23 days of decoding dedications, the 2018 #AdventQuiz is over. A very dedicated group of musical cryptographers submitted answers every day, and there were 13 people who scored 20 or above.

Congratulations, however, go to Alistair Donaghue, whose name was selected at random from the five people to achieve a perfect score (Matthew Collins, Alistair Donaghue, Richard Owen, David Noble and Paul Whitehall), on whom congratualations are also bestowed!

Honorable mentions go to Felicity Barnard, Gilly French and Walter Gaber with scores of 22, and to Alex Coles, Patsy Howes and Kathe Wright Kaufman who all scored 21.

  1. 02 December: Antiphon - Benjamin Britten (Morse Code) Winner: Stephen Nichols
  2. 03 December: Strengthen ye, the weak hands - William H Harris (ASCII Text to Binary) Winner: Catherine Headley
  3. 04 December: The Second Service (Opus 62) - Kenneth Leighton (Cubed A1Z26) Winner: James Barnard
  4. 05 December: For the beauty of the earth - John Rutter (Alphabetum Kaldeorum) Winner: Alistair Donaghue
  5. 06 December: Evening Service in D - Grayston Ives (Flag Semaphore) Winner: Alex Coles
  6. 07 December: Missa Brevis (Opus 57) - Lennox Berkeley (Bionicle) Winner: Kathe Wright Kaufman
  7. 08 December: Holy is the true light - William H Harris (Pigpen Cipher) Winner: Ruth Barker
  8. 09 December: Quatre Motets sur des themes Gregoriens (Ubi caritas; Tota pulchra es; Tu es Petrus; Tantum ergo) (Opus 10) - Maurice Durufle (Bacon's Cipher) Winner: Walter Gaber
  9. 10 December: I love all beauteous things - Judith Weir (Atbash) Winner: Paul Whitehall
  10. 11 December: Jubilate Deo (in C) - Benjamin Britten (Tap Code) Winner: Rose Nichols
  11. 12 December: Set me as as seal - William Walton (Dvorak/Qwerty Keyboards) Winner: Andrew Norris
  12. 13 December: A Hymn for St Cecilia - Herbert Howells (Wingdings) Winner: Felicity Barnard
  13. 14 December: The Song of the Tree of Life - Ralph Vaughan Williams (ROT-13) Winner: Judith Reid
  14. 15 December: Communion Service in G - Francis Jackson (Mary Queen of Scots) Winner: Les Robertson
  15. 16 December: Faire is the heaven - William H Harris (Knights Templar Cipher) Winner: Matthew Collins
  16. 17 December: Preces and Responses - Paul Halley (ASCII Text to Hexademical) Winner: Richard Owen
  17. 18 December: Preces and Responses - John Sanders (Braille) Winner: Virginia Knight
  18. 19 December: Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Truro Service) - Gabriel Jackson (The Gold-Bug Cipher) Winner: Tim Ricketts
  19. 20 December: A spotless Rose - Herbert Howells (Gnommish) Winner: Gilly French
  20. 21 December: Evening Service in D - Herbert Brewer (British Sign Language) Winner: David Noble
  21. 22 December: God is gone up - Gerald Finzi (T9) Winner: Patsy Howes
  22. 23 December: Magnificat (2011) - Judith Weir (Futurama Alien Language) Winner: Stephen Harrison
  23. 24 December: Lux aurumque - Eric Whitacre (Dancing Men) Winner: David Werry

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