Lichfield Cathedral Choir Advent Quiz Challenge 2015

SelfieAt the risk of making it a tradition, here are the details of the 2015 Advent Quiz. However, 'Quiz' is a slightly misleading title as it is more of a creative challenge this year...

For each day of December at 8.00am, the day's #AdventSelfie challenge will be published. Inspired by an event - sacred or secular - that has happened on that date in history, people have to take a selfie which includes a related item. For example, on December 25, the challenge might have been to take a selfie with a baby; as the challenges are published, clicking on them below will give an explanation of the connection with the date. If it is also possible to include some reference to 'Lichfield Cathedral Choir' or '@LichfieldChoir' in the picture, for example written on a prop or a piece of paper within the picture, this will be even more impressive; there are a couple of suggested templates which can be printed here and here to save time.

The challenges will be published here, on the choir's Twitter feed and Facebook page at the same time. To enter, people will have to tweet their photograph to @LichfieldChoir, or post it to our Facebook page. All pictures should include the hashtag #AdventSelfie, and if they are tweeted, they need to be tweeted to @LichfieldChoir (simply reply to the day's tweet) so they are not overlooked. No entires will be accepted after 11.59pm on Christmas Eve.

The overall winners, the daily winners at links to their tweeted selfies can all be found here: thank you for taking part and well done to everyone who submitted selfies during Advent.

  1. Tuesday 01 December: a selfie which includes a trumpet
  2. Wednesday 02 December: a selfie including St Paul's Cathedral
  3. Thursday 03 December: a selfie incorporating a heart
  4. Friday 04 December: a selfie involving a Sunday newspaper
  5. Saturday 05 December: a selfie celebrating something Mozartian
  6. Sunday 06 December: a selfie with a Nicholas
  7. Monday 07 December: a selfie including something operatic
  8. Tuesday 08 December: a selfie which features a beetle
  9. Wednesday 09 December: a selfie incorporating as much computer technology as possible
  10. Thursday 10 December: a selfie with something Belgian
  11. Friday 11 December: a regal selfie
  12. Saturday 12 December: a selfie with a Cambridge connection
  13. Sunday 13 December: a nautical selfie
  14. Monday 14 December: a selfie with a collection of recorded music
  15. Tuesday 15 December: a selfie including some sort of public transportation
  16. Wednesday 16 December: a selfie featuring a cup of tea
  17. Thursday 17 December: a selfie with something unfinished
  18. Friday 18 December: a selfie involving a stringed instrument
  19. Saturday 19 December: a selfie with your favourite hymn
  20. Sunday 20 December: a selfie with someone called David and their key
  21. Monday 21 December: a selfie showing how you are spending the shortest day
  22. Tuesday 22 December: a selfie which features a traffic sign
  23. Wednesday 23 December: a selfie incorporating some exaggerated punctuation
  24. Thursday 24 December: a Christmassy selfie

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