Lichfield Cathedral Choir Discography

CD Cover

The Organ of Lichfield Cathedral (1990)

played by Jonathan Rees-Williams

alpha CDCA 902

(no audio available) 1 Toccata in D minor Dietrich Buxtehude
(no audio available) 2 Exultate Opus 3 No. 3 Daniel Gawthrop
(no audio available) 3 Triptico del Buen Pastor (El rebano - La oveja perdida - El Buen Pastor) Jesus Guridi
(no audio available) 4 Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C major (BWV 564) J S Bach
(no audio available) 5 Fantasy and Toccata (Opus 57) Charles Stanford

Recorded in Lichfield Cathedral, 8-9 January, 1990
Producer: Jonathan Rees-Williams
Executive Producer: Harry Mudd, MBE

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