Lichfield Cathedral Choir Discography

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Lichfield Cathedral Choir (1988)

Lichfield Cathedral Choir directed by Jonathan Rees-Williams, with Mark Shepherd (organ); re-released as Choral Music from Lichfield Cathedral by Priory in 2007

alpha CACA 577

1 I was glad (Psalm 122) C Hubert H Parry
2 A stable lamp is lighted Richard Shephard
3 Vox dicentis, clama Naylor
4 When Jesus our Lord was born in Bethlehem Felix Mendelssohn
5 They that go down to the sea in ships Herbert Sumsion
6 Tantum ergo de Sévérac
7 Greater love hath no man John Ireland
8 Maria, mater gratia Gabriel Fauré
9 What are these that glow from afar Alan Gray

Original recording recorded in Lichfield Cathedral, 31 January and 1 February, 1988
Producer: Sandy Hunt
Production Assistants: Ian Harding and Matthew Coombes
Executive Producer: Harry Mudd

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