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In Jewry is God known - The Psalms of David (Volume 4) (1994)

Lichfield Cathedral Choir directed by Jonathan Rees-Williams, with Mark Shepherd (organ)

Priory PRCD 383

1 Psalm 58: Are your minds set upon righteousness? Joseph Barnaby
2 Psalm 20: The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble Thomas Attwood Walmisley
3 Psalm 107: O give thanks unto the Lord Edward Bairstow
4 Psalm 122: I was glad when they said unto me William Harris
5 Psalm 129: Many a time have the fought against me from my youth up John Leman Rogeas
6 Psalm 130: Out of the deep have I called unto thee, O Lord Walter Parratt
7 Psalm 57: Be merciful unto me, O God William Hine
8 Psalm 73: Truly God is loving unto Israel Luke Flintoft
9 Psalm 74: O God, wherefore are thou absent from us so long George Garrett; Walter Parratt
10 Psalm 77: I will cry unto God with my voice William Bayley
11 Psalm 41: Blessed in he that considereth the poor and needy William Crotch
12 Psalm 119 (vv. 145-176): I call with my whole heart Edwin Monk; S Wesley; S S Wesley
13 Psalm 11: In the Lord put I my trust Thomas Kelway
14 Psalm 139: O Lord, thou has searched me out and known me George Martin
15 Psalm 76: In Jewry is God known William Bexfield

Recorded in Lichfield Cathedral, 6 June and 1-2 July, 1991

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