Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lent Quiz 2015

Prayer BookHaving exceeded the milestone of 1,000 followers on Twitter, this is the promised Lent Quiz (or #LentQuiz in Twitter parlance) being run for fun and the love of cathedral music. For the penitential season of Lent, the entire quiz is based on settings of the Nunc dimittis and, in honour of the celebration of at least 700 years of the Choral Foundation at Lichfield Cathedral which is starting on Easter Monday with a reunion for former choristers, the choir's audio archives have been raided for the occasion.

For each of the forty days of Lent 2015 (which runs from Wednesday 18/2 to Saturday 4/4 and excludes Sundays) at 6.00pm GMT (or BST during Holy Week after the clocks have gone forward), a sound clip of the first complete sung line of a Nunc dimittis will be published. Any organ introductions are omitted and the clip will only contain the first complete choral rendition of 'Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace'. The recordings have been compiled from a variety of sources (both public and private) and media and therefore vary in recording quality. Nevertheless, they are all sung by the choir of Lichfield Cathedral at events over the past fifty years.

The clips will be published here, on the choir's Twitter feed and Facebook page at the same time. To enter, people will have to submit their answer on the day's entry form which will be accessible from the posts and by following the links from 6.00pm each day. There will be daily winners and an overall winner, all of whom will be named on Easter Day and can be found along with the answers, here.

  1. Wednesday 18 February
  2. Thursday 19 February
  3. Friday 20 February
  4. Saturday 21 February
  5. Monday 23 February
  6. Tuesday 24 February
  7. Wednesday 25 February
  8. Thursday 26 February
  9. Friday 27 February
  10. Saturday 28 February
  11. Monday 02 March
  12. Tuesday 03 March
  13. Wednesday 04 March
  14. Thursday 05 March
  15. Friday 06 March
  16. Saturday 07 March
  17. Monday 09 March
  18. Tuesday 10 March
  19. Wednesday 11 March
  20. Thursday 12 March
  21. Friday 13 March
  22. Saturday 14 March
  23. Monday 16 March
  24. Tuesday 17 March
  25. Wednesday 18 March
  26. Thursday 19 March
  27. Friday 20 March
  28. Saturday 21 March
  29. Monday 23 March
  30. Tuesday 24 March
  31. Wednesday 25 March
  32. Thursday 26 March
  33. Friday 27 March
  34. Saturday 28 March
  35. Monday 30 March
  36. Tuesday 31 March
  37. Wednesday 01 April
  38. Thursday 02 April
  39. Friday 03 April
  40. Saturday 04 April

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