Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lent Quiz 2015

Prayer BookAfter forty different settings of the Nunc dimittis, the 2015 #LentQuiz is over. There have been nearly 400 correct entries in total with the highest number of correct answers on any one day being 36 and on one particularly difficult, Holy Week day, just one.

The overall winner is David Noble, who was the only person to get all forty correct. Second place goes to David Barton, with an impressive 37 and third place to Michael Guest, with 30. Notable mentions must also go to David Perry, Dan Soper, and Jonathan Lilley who all scored between twenty and thirty.

The clips can still be accessed through the introduction page, and all the answers, with a daily winner picked at random from the correct entries, are listed below.

  1. Wednesday 18 February: Charles Stanford in A Winner: Douglas Henn-Macrae
  2. Thursday 19 February: Hugo Blair in B minor Winner: Mark Taylor
  3. Friday 20 February: Arthur Wills (Fauxbourdon) Winner: Michael Guest
  4. Saturday 21 February: Herbert Howells (St Paul's Service) Winner: David Perry
  5. Monday 23 February: Thomas Weelkes (Service for Trebles) Winner: David Barton
  6. Tuesday 24 February: Herbert Howells (St Augustine's Service) Winner: Stuart Thompson
  7. Wednesday 25 February: H K Andrews in D Winner: John Lees
  8. Thursday 26 February: Grayston Ives (Edington Service) Winner: Kristina Shakeshaft
  9. Friday 27 February: Orlando Gibbons (Second Service) Winner: Jonathan Lilley
  10. Saturday 28 February: Cyril Rootham in E minor Winner: David Barton
  11. Monday 02 March: Kenneth Leighton (Collegium Magdalenae) Winner: David Noble
  12. Tuesday 03 March: Charles Stanford in B flat Winner: Dan Soper
  13. Wednesday 04 March: Harold Darke in F Winner: Louise Auty
  14. Thursday 05 March: Sydney Watson in E Winner: Dan Soper
  15. Friday 06 March: Herbert Howells in G Winner: Jonathan Lilley
  16. Saturday 07 March: Herbert Murrill in E Winner: David Noble
  17. Monday 09 March: Orlando Gibbons (Short Service) Winner: John Lees
  18. Tuesday 10 March: Charles Stanford in G Winner: Stephen Nichols
  19. Wednesday 11 March: Herbet Howells (Collegium Regale) Winner: Stephen Harrison
  20. Thursday 12 March: George Dyson in D Winner: Louise Auty
  21. Friday 13 March: Thomas Causton (Dorian Mode) Winner: David Noble
  22. Saturday 14 March: Thomas Tomkins (Fifth Service) Winner: Dan Soper
  23. Monday 16 March: Heathcote Statham in E minor Winner: David Barton
  24. Tuesday 17 March: ET Cook in G Winner: David Noble
  25. Wednesday 18 March: Bernard Rose in C minor Winner: David Perry
  26. Thursday 19 March: William Byrd (Third Service) Winner: David Noble
  27. Friday 20 March: Tony Hewitt-Jones (Collegium Magdalenae) Winner: David Noble
  28. Saturday 21 March: Purcell in G minor Winner: John Green
  29. Monday 23 March: Herbert Howells (New College Service) Winner: David Perry
  30. Tuesday 24 March: Henry Purcell in B flat Winner: David Barton
  31. Wednesday 25 March: George Dyson in C minor Winner: David Barton
  32. Thursday 26 March: Herbert Howells (Gloucester Service) Winner: Jan Williams
  33. Friday 27 March: Charles Stanford in C Winner: David Noble
  34. Saturday 28 March: Philip Moore (Third Service) Winner: David Barton
  35. Monday 30 March: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Eight Voices) Winner: David Barton
  36. Tuesday 31 March: Jackson Hill (The Saint Chad Service) Winner: Michael Guest
  37. Wednesday 01 April: John Sanders (The Lichfield Service) Winner: David Noble
  38. Thursday 02 April: Paul Spicer (The Lichfield Service) Winner: David Noble
  39. Friday 03 April: Stanley Vann (The Lichfield Service) Winner: Michael Guest
  40. Saturday 04 April: Michael East (Verse Service) Winner: Kristina Shakeshaft

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