Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lent Quiz 2017

Choral Festival at Lichfield Cathedral, 1865After a trek around the nooks and crannies of the British Isles, the 2017 #LentQuiz is over. The level of this year's challenge was higher than last year, with days 18 and 20 the most difficult (only two and three correct answers were received, respectively); day 14 was apparently the easiest.

While there was no-one who managed to get all 40 correct within the 24 hours allowed for each picture, congratulations go to the overall winner, Alex Coles, whose name was selected at random out of the 3 people to score 38; congratulations go to David Noble and Gilly and Jeremy who also got 38. Second place goes to last year's winner, Mark Mawhinney, with 37 correct entries, and honourable mentions go to Paul Hammond with 35, and Gary Cole with 33.

The pictures can still be accessed through the introduction page and they are now captioned with the answers; all the answers, with a daily winner picked at random from the correct entries, are listed below.

  1. Wednesday 01 March: Hexham Abbey Winner: Henry Metcalfe
  2. Thursday 02 March: St John's College, Cambridge Winner: David Barton
  3. Friday 03 March: twitter"St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh Winner: Clare Lees
  4. Saturday 04 March: twitter"Beverley Minster Winner: David Noble
  5. Monday 06 March: Doncaster Minster Winner: Gilly and Jeremy
  6. Tuesday 07 March: twitter"St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh Winner: Andrew Massey
  7. Wednesday 08 March: twitter"Leeds Minster Winner: Judith Reid
  8. Thursday 09 March: Glasgow Cathedral Winner: David Noble
  9. Friday 10 March: twitter"All Saints Margaret Street, London Winner: Andrew Norris
  10. Saturday 11 March: Selby Abbey Winner: Michael O'Sullivan
  11. Monday 13 March: Brecon Cathedral Winner: Mark Mawhinney
  12. Tuesday 14 March: St Magnus' Cathedral, Orkney Winner: Izabelle Bimson
  13. Wednesday 15 March: Pershore Abbey Winner: Jo Scriven
  14. Thursday 16 March: Westminster Cathedral Winner: Heather Coleman
  15. Friday 17 March: Shrewsbury Abbey Winner: Martin Denny
  16. Saturday 18 March: St Ninian's Cathedral, Perth Winner: Paul Hammond
  17. Monday 20 March: twitter"King's College, Cambridge Winner: Alexander Eadon
  18. Tuesday 21 March: twitter"St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow Winner: Alex Coles
  19. Wednesday 22 March: St John's Episcopal Cathedral, Oban Winner: Gilly and Jeremy
  20. Thursday 23 March: twitter"Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork Winner: Paul Hammond
  21. Friday 24 March: twitter"Newport Cathedral Winner: Steven Maxson
  22. Saturday 25 March: twitter"Magdalen College, Oxford Winner: David Barton
  23. Monday 27 March: St Thomas's Church, Salisbury Winner: John Pendle
  24. Tuesday 28 March: twitter"Tewkesbury Abbey Winner: Jan Williams
  25. Wednesday 29 March: twitter"Clare College, Cambridge Winner: Patsy Howes
  26. Thursday 30 March: twitter"St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol Winner: David Cynan Jones
  27. Friday 31 March: Trinity College, Cambridge Winner: Harry Spain
  28. Saturday 01 April: Bangor Cathedral Winner: David Noble
  29. Monday 03 April: twitter"St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Winner: Lawrence Barker
  30. Tuesday 04 April: St Asaph Cathedral Winner: Gary Cole
  31. Wednesday 05 April: twitter"St David's Cathedral Winner: Steve Wright
  32. Thursday 06 April: twitter"Grimsby Minster Winner: Paul Hammond
  33. Friday 07 April: St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh Winner: Gilly and Jeremy
  34. Saturday 08 April: All Saints' Church, Northampton Winner: Paul Hammond
  35. Monday 10 April: twitter"Bath Abbey Winner: Nicholas Whitaker
  36. Tuesday 11 April: Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick Winner: Mary-Ann McClaran
  37. Wednesday 12 April: twitter"New College, Oxford Winner: Alex Coles
  38. Thursday 13 April: twitter"St Alphege, Solihull Winner: Isabel Baumber
  39. Friday 14 April: twitter"Christchurch Priory, Dorset Winner: Gary Cole
  40. Saturday 15 April: twitter"St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Winner: Jan Williams

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