Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lent Quiz 2018

Quire Organ Case of Lichfield CathedralAfter a trek around forty English cathedrals, the 2018 #LentQuiz is over. There have been just over 2,100 entries in total, with an average of nearly 50 entries per day. Day 2 was clearly the easiest with 78 correct entries, and Day 6 was the most challenging with just 38 correct entries.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Jo Scriven, whose name was selected at random out of the 17 people listed below to get all forty correct, on whom congratulations are also bestowed!

  • Gary Cole
  • Alex Coles
  • Matthew Collins
  • Gilly French
  • Walter Gaber
  • Paul Hammond
  • Patsy Howes
  • Jonathan Lane
  • Harriet Mountford
  • David Noble
  • Peter Parshall
  • Julian Ross
  • John Sharples
  • Dan Soper
  • Jonathan Vaughn
  • Philip White-Jones

The pictures can still be accessed through the introduction page and they are now captioned with the answers; all the answers, with a daily winner picked at random from the correct entries, are listed below.

  1. 14 February: Exeter Cathedral Winner: Jonathan Vaughn
  2. 15 February: Hereford Cathedral Winner: Harriet Mountford
  3. 16 February: Winchester Cathedral Winner: Matthew Collins
  4. 17 February: St Albans Cathedral Winner: Alex Eadon
  5. 19 February: St Paul's (London Cathedral), London Winner: Paul Hayward
  6. 20 February: Bristol Cathedral Winner: Philip White-Jones
  7. 21 February: Derby Cathedral Winner: James Fellows
  8. 22 February: Liverpool Cathedral Winner: John Hosking
  9. 23 February: Lichfield Cathedral Winner: Chris Bragg
  10. 24 February: Guildford Cathedral Winner: Sean Tucker
  11. 26 February: Wakefield Cathedral Winner: Peter Parshall
  12. 27 February: Canterbury Cathedral Winner: Alastair Knott
  13. 28 February: Westminster Abbey, London Winner: Andrew Norris
  14. 01 March: Southwell Minster Winner: Eric Tyson
  15. 02 March: Sheffield Cathedral Winner: David Cynan Jones
  16. 03 March: Carlisle Cathedral Winner: Tim Ricketts
  17. 05 March: Salisbury Cathedral Winner: Tom Stockwell
  18. 06 March: Bradford Cathedral Winner: Peter Heginbotham
  19. 07 March: Birmingham Cathedral Winner: Peter Clements
  20. 08 March: Newcastle Cathedral Winner: Andrew Adair
  21. 09 March: Wells Cathedral Winner: John Maxwell-Jones
  22. 10 March: Norwich Cathedral Winner: Stephen Crookes
  23. 12 March: Chelmsford Cathedral Winner: Charles Maxtone-Smith
  24. 13 March: Southwark Cathedral, London Winner: Daniel Mansfield
  25. 14 March: Manchester Cathedral Winner: Judith Reid
  26. 15 March: Chester Cathedral Winner: Peter Culver
  27. 16 March: Lincoln Cathedral Winner: Christopher Too
  28. 17 March: Worcester Cathedral Winner: Elizabeth Stratford
  29. 19 March: York Minster Winner: Richard Harrison
  30. 20 March: Coventry Cathedral Winner: Shaun Brown
  31. 21 March: Chichester Cathedral Winner: Josh Anderson
  32. 22 March: Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford Winner: Paul Carr
  33. 23 March: Rochester Cathedral Winner: Walter Gaber
  34. 24 March: Ely Cathedral Winner: Simon Headley
  35. 26 March: St George's Chapel, Windsor Winner: Greg Abrahams
  36. 27 March: Durham Cathedral Winner: Jonathan Lane
  37. 28 March: Ripon Cathedral Winner: Jonathan Lilley
  38. 29 March: Blackburn Cathedral Winner: James Norrey
  39. 30 March: Portsmouth Cathedral Winner: Robert Sharpe
  40. 31 March: Truro Cathedral Winner: Julian Ross

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