Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lent Quiz 2021

Quire Pipe CaseIn keeping with the need to keep things local, Lent 2021 sees a celebration of Lichfield Cathedral's magnificent Hill organ and takes advantage of the technical ingenuity of our Director of Music, Ben Lamb, in having installed recording equipment in the quire for the broadcasting of choral services, and taking the time during a previous lockdown to sample every stop on the organ.

The recording equipment has meant that the Cathedral Organist, Martyn Rawles, has been able to record a seasonal tune forty times on forty different stops, and as we move through each day of Lent (from Ash Wednesday, 17 February, until Easter Eve and excluding Sundays), one of the recordings of one of the stops of the cathedral organ will be published here at midnight. The recordings can be accessed via the relevant links below, or via tweets and posts on our Facebook page published each morning.

The task is quite simple: simply identify the stop which you can hear. The tune is played on the same keys on the keyboard (or the equivalent notes on the pedals) in each recording, so the sounding pitch may help identify the stop. Each day will have two points available, one for the stop, and one for the division. A list of all of the 83 sounding stops on the organ is given in the entry form, so it is just a question of selecting the correct answers from the list. Players can enter as many times as they like, but it is only their final answer which will be marked. Once the recording has been published, answers will continue to be accepted for all the published recordings until 18:00 on Easter Eve.

There will be an overall winner with the highest score, and if there is a tie, the overall winner will be selected at random. The overall winner's name will be published on Easter Day, along with all the answers: they can be found here.

  1. Wednesday 17 February
  2. Thursday 18 February
  3. Friday 19 February
  4. Saturday 20 February
  5. Monday 22 February
  6. Tuesday 23 February
  7. Wednesday 24 February
  8. Thursday 25 February
  9. Friday 26 February
  10. Saturday 27 February
  11. Monday 01 March
  12. Tuesday 02 March
  13. Wednesday 03 March
  14. Thursday 04 March
  15. Friday 05 March
  16. Saturday 06 March
  17. Monday 08 March
  18. Tuesday 09 March
  19. Wednesday 10 March
  20. Thursday 11 March
  21. Friday 12 March
  22. Saturday 13 March
  23. Monday 15 March
  24. Tuesday 16 March
  25. Wednesday 17 March
  26. Thursday 18 March
  27. Friday 19 March
  28. Saturday 20 March
  29. Monday 22 March
  30. Tuesday 23 March
  31. Wednesday 24 March
  32. Thursday 25 March
  33. Friday 26 March
  34. Saturday 27 March
  35. Monday 29 March
  36. Tuesday 30 March
  37. Wednesday 31 March
  38. Thursday 01 April
  39. Friday 02 April
  40. Saturday 03 April

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