Music written for Lichfield Cathedral and Lichfield Cathedral Choir

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Composer Work Date
Additional Notes and Source of Information
John Alcock The Verse Service -
written for Lichfield?
Judith Bingham O magnum mysterium 1994?
commissioned for The Lichfield Festival (details from AML)
Michael East When David Heard -
(details from JRW)
Michael East The Verse Service -
(details from JRW)
Daniel Gawthrop Watch thou, dear Lord 1988
(details from MG)
Paul Halley Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis: Lichfield Cathedral Service 2007
The dedication reads as follows:

Commissioned by Richard and Rosemary Prentis to celebrate the occasion of their Ruby Wedding,
and first performed at the opening of the Lichfield Festival by the Choristers of Lichfield Cathedral,
under the direction of Philip Scriven on Thursday July 5th, 2007.
William H Harris Almighty and most merciful father -
written for Dick Greening who had been WH's assistant at Windsor; published during JRW's tenure and the manuscript and some letters are in the Cathedral library (details from RJS/JRW)
Malcolm Hawkins Sancta Sophia 1991
commissioned by The Lichfield Festival
Jackson Hill The St Chad Service 2003
no further details
Gabriel Jackson Ecce venio cito 2005
written for the silver wedding anniversary of Elaine and Mark Farrant
Anthony Joule Seek him that maketh 2009
(details from MG)
Grayston Ives The Lichfield Service 2015
commissioned as part of the celebrations of 700 years of the choral foundation and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 20 May, 2015
Ben Lamb Fauxbourdons on the Great Advent Antiphons 2008
no further details
Richard Lloyd The Lichfield Te Deum 1990/1991?
written for The Lichfield Festival as part of the Lang Silver Commission? (details from JRW/MG)
Richard Lloyd The Lichfield Service (Evening canticles) 2013
first performed at Evensong on 11 June, 2013.
Richard Lloyd Jubilate
(details from MG)
Richard Lloyd To Christ the Prince of Peace -
"is in my collection with a note on it from RHL saying 'for Robert whose "fault" this is'." (details from RJS)
Richard Lloyd Sing praise to God 1994
written for the 90th birthday of Andrew Walters' father (details from AFW)
Richard Lloyd Mass of SS Mary and Chad 2000
(details from MG)
Richard Lloyd The Lichfield Antiphons 2008
(details from MG)
Richard Lloyd O Lord, make us this day 2009
a setting of a prayer by Dr Samuel Johnson, written on the 300th anniversary of his death (18 September 2009) and first performed at Eucharist on Sunday 19 September 2010 (details from RLl)
Andrew Lumsden St Luke Passion -
(details from RJS)
Andrew Lumsden Evening Service on Plainsong Tones -
(details from RJS)
Andrew Lumsden (arr) Now the green blade riseth / Noel nouvelet -
(details from RMJS)
Andrew Lumsden (arr) Silent Night -
(details from MG)
Jonathan Lycett Fauxbourdon (Men's Voices) 2002
(details from MG)
Alex Mason Evening Canticles 2005
(details from MG)
Alex Mason Viri Galilæi (Men's Voices) 2004
(details from RMJS)
Nicholas Maw Three Hymns 1989
commissioned by The Lichfield Festival and first performed on 9 July 1989 while Maw was the Festival's composer in residence (details from JRW)
Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley It came even to pass 1861
written for the reopening of the quire of Lichfield Cathedral on 22 October, 1861
Ambrose P Porter Almighty and most merciful father -
written for use at Johnson Commemoration (details from JRW/MG)
Ambrose P Porter The Virgin's Cradle Song -
setting for three part trebles (details confirmed by RLl)
Bernard Rose Almighty God who are the giver of all wisdom 1982
a setting of one of Johnson's prayers to celebrate the bicentenary of his death; Rose attended the first performance and the anthem was subsequently broadcast on a recorded Choral Evensong on Radio 3 on Friday 5 October 1984 (details from JRW/MG; unpublished draft and final version held in the Magdalen College, Oxford archives: MC:F61/MS1/131–132 26 Mar 1984)
John Sanders Quem dilecta 1992
(details from RJS/MG)
John Sanders The Lichfield Service 2002
written for Percy Young
? Robert Saxton
as The Lichfield Festival composer in residence
Robert Sharpe Venite Comedite
(details from RJS)
Robert Sharpe Fauxboudon (Men's Voices)
(details from RJS)
Robert Sharpe Responses (Men's Voices)
(details from RJS)
Paul Spicer Responses (Men's Voices)
(details from PSp/MG)
Paul Spicer Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (Men's Voices)
(details from MG/PSp)
Paul Spicer Michael, the great prince 2004
written for Michael Yorke's final service as Dean of Lichfield Cathedral (details from PSp)
Stanley Vann The Lichfield Service (Evening Canticles) (Men's Voices) 1999
(details from RJS/MG)
Percy Young O how amiable are thy dwellings -
(details from JRW)
Percy Young Te Deum
(details from JRW)
? Percy Young Magnificat and Nunc dimittis -
(details from JRW)

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