Stop List of William Hill and Son's Organ, 1884

Great Organ
Subbass and Tenoroon (new in 1884)16'
Open Diapason Large (new in 1884)8'
Open Diapason (new in 1884)8'
Bell Gamba (new bass in 1884)8'
Clarabella (new in 1884)8'
Stopped Diapason (old)8'
Octave (new in 1884)4'
Octave Gamba (old)4'
Harmonic Flute (new in 1884)4'
Twelfth (new in 1884)2 2/3'
Fifteenth (new in 1884)2'
Grand Mixture (new in 1884)IV
Mixture (some new pipes in 1884)II
Posaune (new in 1884)8'
Clarion (new in 1884)4'
Choir Organ
Lieblich Bourdon (new in 1884)16'
Open Diapason (old, from Great)8'
Stopped Diapason (new bass in 1884)8'
Keraulophon (new in 1884?)8'
Dulciana (new in 1884)8'
Principal (old)4'
Wald Flöte (old, from Great)4'
Fifteenth (old)2'
Corno di Bassetto (new in 1884)8'
Swell Organ
Bourdon (new in 1884)16'
Open Diapason (new in 1884)8'
Stopped Diapason (old?)8'
Pierced Gamba (new in 1884)8'
Voix Celetes (tenor c) (new in 1884)8'
Principal (new in 1884)4'
Celestina Flute (tenor c) (from Choir)4'
Fifteenth (new in 1884)2'
Mixture (old pipes)III
Mixture (old and new pipes)II
Tromba (new in 1884)16'
Cornopean (new in 1884)8'
Trumpet (old)8'
Oboe (new in 1884)8'
Clarion (new in 1884?)4'
Solo Organ (Unenclosed)
Harmonic Flute (new in 1884)8'
Concert Flute (new in 1884)4'
Orchestral Oboe (new in 1884)8'
Corno di Bassetto (new in 1884)8'
Tuba (11" wind)8'
Pedal Organ
Double Open Diapson (old)32'
Open Diapason Wood (old)16'
Open Diapason Metal (old)16'
Bourdon (old)16'
Principal (old)8'
Bass Flute (new in 1884)8'
Fifteenth (old)4'
Mixture (old ones combined)IV
Trombone (old)16'
Trumpet (old)8'
Unison couplers and Swell and Solo Octaves
Manuals: CC to a, 58 notes
Pedals: CCC to f, 30 notes
Tubular pneumatic action
4 composition pedals each to Great and Swell; 1 composition pedal to Pedal

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