Lichfield Cathedral Choir Choral Scholars

Lichfield Cathedral Choir Choral Scholars' Reunion 2002In 1996 a fund-raising campaign was begun with the specific aim of supporting the Cathedral's music through endowment, the rebuilding of the organ and to enhance the Cathedral's education project. As part of this project, the Cathedral started a scheme whereby young singers could join the choir for a year and gain valuable experience singing next to the Lay Vicars Choral. The scheme has proved a great success for all involved with it and past scholars have won awards to St John's College, Cambridge; King's College, Cambridge; New College, Oxford; Christ Church, Oxford; The Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music.

Academic Year AltoTenorBass
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is effective from May 25, 2018 means that there is currently less clarity about what information it is possible to publish about people, especially children, in archives. Although there are indications that historical records will be exempt, there is no specific guidance available as to how this should be managed. To that end, the names of current choral scholars which were originally published here have been removed and are no longer available.
From September 2010, the Cathedral suspended the choral scholarship scheme for financial reasons. As of September 2017, a sixth form choral scholarship scheme has been set up in conjuction with the Cathedral School.
2009/2010 -Matthew BarnavilleAlexander Dance
2008/2009 Edward HorsmanPaul RobinsonStephen Harrison
2007/2008 Cameron FooteTimothy LawrenceRobin Crinson
2006/2007 Benjamin Edmonds
Benjamin Stevens
Michael DuffyRobin Crinson
2005/2006 Jonathan HeathAidan CoburnEdward Yeo
2004/2005 -Alastair LittleMark Begbie
2003/2004 Jonathan CannockEdward LeeRichard Paterson
2002/2003 Jonathan LycettMark HounsellEdmund Lovatt
2001/2002 Jonathan LycettJonathan HalliwellSimon Whiteley
2000/2001 Oliver GerrishJonathan HalliwellLuke Gasper
1999/2000 Owen WillettsBen CoxTim Whiteley
1998/1999 Andy McIntoshLuke RamsdenStephen Nichols
1997/1998 Tristan JonesJulian RossTimothy Bowes
1996/1997 Richard Shakeshaft-Daniel Eaton
1995/1996 Richard Shakeshaft-James Thomson
1994/1995 Zannis Mavrogordato-James Thomson
1993/1994 Ben Turner--

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