Lay Vicars: Gaia Major

Name Installation
Morton, Robin 09.11.2014 31.08.2020 6 started 07.05.2014
Clayton, Paul 06.05.2007 01.12.2013 6 started 01.02.2007; retired 01.12.2013
Hounsell, Mark 11.09.2004 31.01.2007 3 acting Lay Vicar since 09.2003
Draper, Mark 19.04.2003 31.07.2003 0 restarted 19.04.2003
Renshaw, Charles 22.04.2002 31.12.2002 0 never officially installed
Draper, Mark 04.03.1995 20.01.2002 7 started 09.1994
Simcock, Guy 00.09.1991 00.11.1992 1 never officially installed
Keeley, Michael 00.09.1987 00.07.1990 3
Bailey, Peter 00.00.1979 ? started 01.09.1979; in post 07.1980
Duffield, Alan 26.03.1977 31.01.1979 2 started 01.09.1976; resigned
John, James Melville 28.06.1973 31.03.1976 3 started 21.05.1973
Gilson, Frank Carlos 05.10.1963 28.02.1973 10 first appears 21.09.1963; "Frank Carlos Gilson, a Lay Vicar Choral at Lichfield in the 1960s and 1970s was born in Stoke on Trent in 1940. There is a picture of him taking part in a school play in my latest book, 'Meir Today, Gone Tomorrow' (Churnet Valley Books pubd 2005). His appearance in a school play was a departure for him and he took to it with gusto. Frank was a very talented musician, a fine pianist, who attended Longton High School in Sandon Road, Meir, Stoke on Trent at the same time as me in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He later went to Saltley Training College but left before finishing his course to take up a place at Birmingham College of Music. After this he became a Lay Vicar Choral at Lichfield, Gaia Major in 1963. Frank also made several TV appearances with the choir. My wife and I visited him at his home in Vicars Close in the mid 1960s marvelling at how he managed to live in a residence that didn't have a single level surface throughout the entire dwelling.Something of an eccentric, Frank sadly died in July 1985, a relatively young man." [details supplied by Nicholas Cartlidge]
Hodkinson, Albert 21.12.1923 00.00.1963 40 first appears 14.12.1923, b. 04.08.1899, d. 27.05.1963; "worked in the Theological College Office and who had a brother who was a lay clerk at Chester" (from Robert Green, Assistant Organist, 1960)
Mason, Samuel 30.09.1887 ? from Exeter Cathedral; 08.01.1920 Dean and Chapter looking for deputy, at which time his enforced retirement is set for three months' time
Grayson, William 28.03.1863 31.03.1887 24 d. 31.03.1887, aged 44

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