Lay Vicars: Longdon

Name Installation
Antrobus, Daniel 21.01.2018 current 2 started 09.2017 and overlapped with Michael Guest as an extra singer, but was not installed until the stall was vacated
Guest, Michael 13.12.1977 29.10.2017 40 started 09.1977; retired and had conferred upon him the dignity and title of Lay Vicar Choral Emeritus
Piccolo, Anthony 03.10.1975 03.09.1976 1 never officially installed; offered Choral Scholarship 03.10.1975; resigned ca. 03.09.1976
James, Peter Haydn 22.05.1969 00.00.1974 5 started 20.04.1969
Walker, Arthur Ronald Archibald 21.01.1967 ? started 14.01.1967; gave notice 03.12.1968
Cook, Ronald James 13.01.1923 12.01.1967 44 retired; d. 16.02.1968, aged 73
Fredericks, Charles Wigg 29.09.1883 ? disappears 1920; 08.01.1920 Dean and Chapter looking for deputy, at which time his enforced retirement set for three months' time
Pearsall, Samuel 07.01.1831 ? elected 24.12.1830; 20.07.1867 ordered to provide a suitable substitute; 06.01.1870 Mr Bailey appointed as deputy; 24.05.1870 suspended from office until he pays the 19 owing to the Dean and Chapter; 08.04.1871 dismissed from post; 01.05.1871 payment made and further quarterly payments agreed - no further action to be taken; 04.03.1874 George Walsh noted as deputy since 25.12.1873; 09.03.1875 Mr E H Thompson appointed as deputy subsequently dismissed for absenteeism 26.05.1875; 19.08.1875 Mr A H Taylor appointed as deputy; 29.12.1876 Mr Dudley appointed as deputy; 24.11.1880 Mr Albert G Bailey appointed deputy
Bucklow, John 13.05.1806 00.12.1830 24 died
Alcock, John 22.01.1749 00.00.1806 57 Organist; died

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