Lichfield Cathedral Choir Priest Vicars

Lichfield Cathedral Quire from Precentor's stallThe Priest Vicars were part of the original choral foundation of the Cathedral with the Lay Vicars Choral. In many other cathedrals holders of equivalent posts are termed 'Minor Canons'. Their job today is still very similar to their original role in the Cathedral: they officiate at choral services, singing responses and collects, and leading the prayers.

The foundation makes provision for four Priest Vicars: Dean's Vicar, Precentor's Vicar (or Subchanter), Chancellor's Vicar, and Treasurer's Vicar. Each Priest Vicar possesses a stall adjacent to the stall of the Canon for whom, technically, they deputise. Once full time posts, they are now honorary positions.

Post Current Incumbent Installation
Dean's Vicar Elaine Evans 2017
Precentor's Vicar
or Subchanter
Thomas Plant 2017
Chancellor's Vicar Rebecca Lloyd 2017
Treasurer's Vicar currently vacant -

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